Here are some of our clients testimonials...

“I have been using DIAL A RIDE for several years now, taking me to the QE gym, which has been of great benefit to me. I am a stroke survivor! The drivers are cheerful and very reliable, coming at the same time each week. I also use DIAL A RIDE to be taken to Stroke Group meetings 4 or 5 times a year, when I cannot go by bus. The office staff are very helpful and understanding. I appreciate all the service they provide.”

Paul Gunston

“I first used DIAL A RIDE for my husband who is in a wheelchair. Now as I am registered blind with severe heart problems I use you to go and visit him in his home. We both always found the drivers caring and polite. I would not be able to visit him so often without you.”

L Amey

“DIAL A RIDE provides me with a courteous service to transport me comfortably in my healthy life.”

R Barton

“Without DIAL A RIDE, I would not be able to do many things that make life worthwhile. Thank you to all at DIAL A RIDE.”

Mrs E Brown

“My wife and I are very keen when possible to use DIAL A RIDE when necessary. Drivers are helpful, timely and courteous.”

Mr Carpenter

“Always helpful. Drivers always polite. DIAL A RIDE will always try to fit you in even though at times they are very busy. They always do their best. Being disabled, I couldn’t manage without them.”

J Walker

“Over several years both myself and initially my husband have used DIAL A RIDE. We have always found the drivers very helpful and the office staff very efficient, going the extra mile to see if they can accommodate the request. It is always a pleasure to travel with them.”

M Rose

“DIAL A RIDE enables me not disables me. In my busy family’s life, DIAL A RIDE helps us to lead an easier life.”

Paul Reardon

“Being confined to a wheelchair, I have used DIAL A RIDE for several years. The drivers have always been courteous, punctual and helpful.”

M Peacock

“I have found all the DIAL A RIDE drivers very helpful, friendly and considerate. Thank you!”

S. Thurston

"Am so impressed with this service and look forward to using your car again!"

J Jacobs


"DIAL A RIDE is such a great team of managers and drivers - volunteers always ready to do a bit of juggling to meet one's requests! I am so grateful for their kindness and support"

Joy Turner

"I use DIAL A RIDE every week and I would like to say Thank You! Also to say that your drivers are very kind and helpful"

"Very good service. Very pleasant drivers."

"A first class service."

"A very happy and friendly service. A pleasure to use!"

C Childs

"Always kind and helpful and on time! Wonderful people!"

"I am very happy with and grateful to the DIAL A RIDE team for the service they provide for me. Without them, I would miss the help with mobility greatly."

" As a family, we are very pleased with the drivers. They are pleasant and always arrive on time."

Greg Peters and family

"DIAL A RIDE is helpful and enables me to socialise with my friends and be independent."

Hayley Armson

"Very polite and punctual drivers. Ace service and a god-send!"


"DIAL A RIDE is a great help to me. All the drivers are very kind"

Mrs Gwen Doble

"Perfect vehicles for my wife's needs driven by competent, careful and courteous drivers. Would not consider using anyone else."

D. Giles

"Thank you for picking us up each fortnight. We always look forward to it and we always have very nice drivers. It's a real pleasure!"

Mr and Mrs Chalk